Criminal Code

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  • Section 462.33 of the Criminal Code and a management order under section 462.331 of the Criminal Code.
  • Article 462.41 Criminal Code is designed specifically to allow innocent third parties with a legitimate interest in the proceeds of crime to recover their assets before the granting of an order of forfeiture under section 462.37 Criminal Code.
  • Notice as referred to in Article 462.41 Criminal Code to victims, legitimate owners of the assets, whose names appear in the list of victims. 
  • Notice requirements of restitution set out in section 462.41 (3).
  • The order declared that the individuals concerned are the legitimate owners of the proceeds and meet the requirements of restitution set out in section 462.41 (3) of the Criminal Code.
  • Restitution of assets under section 462.41(3) of the Criminal Code ("order of restitution") and an order of forfeiture of proceeds of crime under section 462.37(1) Criminal Code ("order of forfeiture")